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Thursday 9th and Friday 10th June 2022
Eko Hotel
Plot 1415 Adetokunbo Ademola 
Street, Victoria Island,
Lagos Nigeria

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Digital PayExpo 2022 is set to promote the interest of stakeholders in the banking and finance sector, particularly those involved in fintech and innovation as change enablers. This conference and exhibition is designed as a hybrid event but with a focus on the physical gathering, now that the economy is back in full swing.



Theme- Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The two-day event is the time to talk about accessing finance without a third party across the African continent through Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

DeFi innovators and change-makers share their stories on how they are defining the next era of global finance, providing insights into Decentralized Finance from the various angles of interest on the practicality of achieving an enduring DeFi model in banking and finance across Africa’s highly competitive digital environment.



To help stakeholders take bold steps in their drive towards implementing DeFi as a strategy for future growth across Africa.



Come and hear from your favorite speakers, venture capitalists, software engineers, entrepreneurs, up and coming DeFi startups, regulators, and avid industry enthusiasts.

It is time to meet the Fintech Industry market movers and industry definers ranging from CEOs, CIOs, CLOs, COOs, and CTOs as they take the stage at the Digital Pay Expo 2022 dissecting Decentralized Finance and its systems.



Gain insights on why decentralized finance is the move forward for Africa’s economy, with latest information and announcements not revealed anywhere else, the DeFi Africa will host the industry’s best of the best to ensure you have all the resources and notes required to expand your imagination, insight, creativity, and understanding about the future of decentralized finance in the continent.

Stakeholders in the banking sector
Stakeholders in the finance sector
Fintech entreprenuers
Innovative giants
Technology Enthisiasts
Finance Enthusiasts

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