20th Edition
Digital Economy: Emerging Payments in Emerging Markets

The dynamic nature of emerging markets create challenges that have never confronted the developed world but also opens up opportunities for innovation and growth, particularly in the Post Covid-Era. Over the next ten years ( and beyond) we are set to see even faster changes in the payments landscape building on the accelerating growth in electronic payments and the advent of new and disruptive market players and the emerging markets will be at the forefront of this payments transformation using digital means in a digital economy.

Digital PayExpo will look at the demand and supply side of emerging markets and how the eminent digital transformation, post 2020 will impact developments. Consequently, at this conference, the objective will be to link current and future trends and developments in the Nigeria digital space, to a predictive digital economy outlook into 2030.

Learn more about the dynamics of digital in emerging markets by saving the date to be a part of this epoch making event marking the 20th anniversary and the 1st Virtual Edition of this conference.


Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Nigeria.
Minister of (State) Science and Technology, Nigeria.
Director General, NITDA
GMD, First Bank of Nigeria.
Advisory Partner and Chief Economist, PwC West Africa.
Managing Director, SystemSpecs, Nigeria.
Founder & General Partner Future Africa, Nigeria.
Managing Director, SAP Central Africa.
CEO & Founder, Approve, Ghana.
Chief Technology Officer, Lokyata, Washington D.C, USA.
Founder, LockMyCash, Nigeria.
Head, Digital Financial Services, EFINA, Nigeria.
Digital Money & Fintech Expert, Grameen Phone, Bangladesh.
CEO, 9Mobile, Nigeria
MD, Revamp Research and Development, India.
Country Manager, DPO Group (Financial Services), Uganda.
Vice President, Digital Banking Group, Pakistan.
Digital Transformation Expert, United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Bangladesh.
MD, Cloudflex Computer Services, Nigeria.
Founder, CyberSafe Foundation, Nigeria.
Digital Economy Consultant, World Bank, Nairobi, Kenya.
International & Rural Development, Financial Inclusion & Private Sector Development
Director of Partnerships and Sustainability, Tech 4Dev, Nigeria.
Head, Strategy & Partnerships, Revamp Research & Development, India
CEO, Coralpay Technology Limited, Nigeria
Chief Technical Officer, TIZETI Inc., Nigeria