Oluwadare Owolabi

Oluwadara Owolabi:
Managing Director Xpress Payment Solutions Limited

Managing Director
Xpress Payment Solutions Limited

Oluwadara Owolabi takes a vision and transforms it into reality through a comprehensive resultoriented approach & strategic growth. He instinctively identifies opportunities in any organization, brings them together into a coherent whole, drives the thinking process of others and intensifies material business advantage. He is an inspirational leader who creates a stimulating pathway for his company brand while at the same time is grounded in financial information and technology that levers the business. Respected as a reliable voice in decision making, discovering strategic business partners, and establishing administrative frontiers, Oluwadare earns a seat at the table wherever he serves.

Currently, as the CEO & Managing Director at Xpress Payment Solutions Limited, a financial technology company, Oluwadare oversees the operations of this colossal organization. He led the successful implementation of the business from inception and transitioned the company to a successful organization navigating towards a profitable future. He spearheads major strategic revolutions for transforming the day to day process from a functional focus to an enabler of innovation for the business and integrates business investment so that it supports & represents an international company.