As part of the activities for Digital PayExpo2020, we have created networking sessions.

This session is an on-demand session for corporate presentation and promotion of innovative ideas and solutions to a network of stakeholders that want to understand about the best-in-class products and initiatives that can be deployed to advance the cause of 21st century digital financial service

The obligation and benefits of the networking sessions are:

  1. The networking sessions will create an opportunity for the audience to know the use case of digital products and services on display.
  2. The networking sessions will create an opportunity to create, build and nurture meaningful relationships between service providers and the potential market.
  3. The audience will have the opportunity to learn new ideas and approaches to be more effective and efficient. 
  4. The sessions have been created for knowledge-sharing.
  5. There will be information packs that can be used later to refresh knowledge after the session



DAY 1 – 3rd November 2020 (2.30p.m – 3.30p.m)

Global Accelerex Networking Session


DAY 2 – 4th November 2020 (1.05pm – 2.05pm)

SECUREID Networking Session