20th Edition
Driving Digital in Emerging Markets

The dynamic nature of emerging markets create challenges that have never confronted the developed world but also opens up opportunities for innovation and growth, particularly in the Post Covid-Era. Over the next ten years ( and beyond) we are set to see even faster changes in the payments landscape building on the accelerating growth in electronic payments and the advent of new and disruptive market players and the emerging markets will be at the forefront of this payments transformation using digital means in a digital economy.

Having said that, the emerging markets are constantly innovating in the field of payments, from using low cost mobile money for remittances to enabling differentiated banks for financial inclusion. We are now set to see even bigger innovations in these economies.

Whether measured by value or volume, the payments business in these markets is vast and will continue to expand between now and 2030. A number of factors and trends – some already impacting the industry – will play a critical role in shaping the nature of this expansion and driving innovation

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